Whether you're driving in Opelousas, downtown Lafayette, or somewhere else in Louisiana, you're going to encounter many potential hazards on the road. Automotive technology can help make driving in your neighborhood easier and safer, with a lower chance of accidents. To this aim, the newest Toyota vehicles for sale at Courvelle Toyota offer Toyota Safety Sense™.

What is Toyota Safety Sense™?

Fundamentally, TSS aims to achieve three things: keep your Toyota in its lane, prevent frontal collisions, and help you better-see the road ahead at night. It uses a combination of radars, cameras, and computerized systems to monitor your surroundings and provide audible alerts and steering input when necessary.

Toyota Safety Sense™ is a suite of systems, each with a different function to help you drive here in St. Landry Parish: Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Lane Tracing Assist, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Road Sign Assist, and Automatic High Beams.

Toyota continues to develop its semi-autonomous, driver-assistance systems, adding new features to its lineup every year, so TSS has evolved over time. Prior vehicles offered TSS and TSS 2.0. Following that, Toyota rolled out TSS 2.5 and 2.5+, which offered newer systems and enhanced functionality to existing systems. 

In the 2023 model year, Toyota began rolling out its latest version, Toyota Safety Sense 3.0. TSS 3.0 benefits from noteworthy enhancements to system sensors, which now achieve far better detection capability than prior TSS versions. They can now see clearer and further, particularly in low light Plus, the Pre-Collision System receives a major boost with more intuitive obstacle detection.

Here's a look at what these TSS suites contain.

Pre-Collision System

Sometimes, a person steps out onto the road or a car pulls out of a parking lot without seeing you headed their direction. Your Toyota can use cameras and radars to provide split-second alerts and automatic braking to prevent you from colliding with them. The most recent suite (TSS 3.0) includes the following:

  • Pedestrian Detection: In case you don't see a person stepping in front of your Toyota, this will inform you urgently.
  • Bicyclist Detection: If someone on a bicycle is nearby and sharing the road with you, TSS will alert you of their presence.
  • Low-Light Cyclist Detection: This function specifically allows your Toyota with TSS 3.0 to recognize bicyclists during dawn or dusk, which it couldn't previously.
  • Daytime Motorcyclist Detection: Just like bicyclist detection, only this function monitors for motorcycles in your vicinity, which are sometimes easy for drivers to overlook.
  • Guardrail Detection: It's easy to drive too close to the guardrail if you're not careful when merging or taking a tight curve in Lafayette. This will let you know before you scrape it.

The latest TSS suites utilize intersection support and emergency steering assist for greater support in situations where collisions are more likely (making left-hand turns).


Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist

It's important for your safety and the safety of others on the road that you keep your Toyota in its lane and not drift from it. Lane Departure Alert monitors the lines on the road and alerts you when you've crossed over without signaling. If your vehicle has electronic power steering, the system will nudge you back into your lane if you cross over a line.

Lane Tracing Assist

With this feature, your Toyota will actually stay centered in its lane without requiring your input to guide its position. The car will can determine where the exact center of the lane is and keep it positioned here, even when the road curves.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Using cruise control to keep your foot off the gas pedal is a nice luxury when driving around Louisiana, but it's a pain to keep changing your speed when you approach another vehicle moving slowly. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control slows down and speeds up automatically for you to maintain a preset distance from any cars ahead of you. TSS 2.0 lets you use this system at speeds as slow as 15 mph, and TSS 2.5+ boosts your speed when changing lanes to bypass slow-moving vehicles.

Road Sign Assist

Sometimes, your eyes are too busy looking at other cars on the road or upcoming turns toward your destination to notice road signs warning you to stop or slow down. Road Sign Assist keeps an eye out for such markers and alerts you to upcoming speed limit changes, stop signs, yield signs, and do not enter signs in Lafayette.

Automatic High Beams

Another convenience that TSS provides is toggling between standard headlamps and high-intensity bright lamps when you're driving at night. So, when an oncoming vehicle is passing you from the opposite direction, you won't blind them with your brights.  

You can find these Toyota Safety Sense™ features on the current RAV4, 4Runner, Tundra, and Camry models for sale here at Courvelle Toyota near Lafayette, Louisiana, with newer models receiving TSS 3.0 starting in 2023.


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