Active Safety Systems in the Toyota Yaris

If safety is a top priority for you when you're shopping for a new car, swing by Courvelle Toyota and take a look at the new Toyota Yaris. This popular subcompact car comes standard with a suite of active safety features that are designed to keep you safe wherever you go.

Drivers will appreciate the Dynamic Stability Control and Traction Control systems. Both of these features can help you maintain control in a wide variety of environments. They're constantly working in the background as you drive to monitor road conditions and performance. If they sense potential stability issues, torque and transmission power are automatically adjusted to prevent control issues.

If you need to come to a stop quickly and safely, the Brake Assist and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution systems have you covered. Brake Assist senses when you're making an emergency maneuver and will provide you with more braking power so that you can come to a complete stop quickly. The Electronic Brake-Force Distribution system applies the brakes appropriately based on your speed and driving conditions.



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