Reasons to Test Drive a Vehicle

June 19th, 2019 by Tony Mendez


If you have ever purchased a vehicle, you know that it’s a big decision. And since it’s such a big decision, it’s not one you should do without thoroughly thinking through and test driving the vehicle of choice. So why should you test drive a vehicle before buying? Not only will it help you see how the vehicle performs, but it can also help you see if it’s the right fit. Explore these reasons in more detail below before buying your next model at Courvelle Toyota "HappyTown USA".


The main reason to test drive a vehicle before you buy it is to see how it handles on the road and if its performance features are up to your standards.

  • Power: During your test drive, you should see if the vehicle has the type of power you’re looking for or if you will need to adjust to a different trim level, engine options, or simply look at purchasing a different vehicle altogether.
  • Handling: Do you feel comfortable taking twists and turns in this model? Paying attention to how it handles the Lafayette and Acadiana roadways will ensure you have the best experience in the model you choose to bring home.
  • Issues: As you drive the vehicle, turn off the radio and pay attention to how it sounds and feels. If you notice anything that seems off about the vehicle, such as a grinding or squeaking noise, shaking, or anything else, then maybe this isn’t the car for you.


In addition to knowing that the vehicle provides the performance features you need, you’ll also want to test drive and see if you’re comfortable in the vehicle. After all, you don’t want to choose a vehicle that will make your Louisiana commute a nightmare.

  • Safety: Test driving a vehicle allows you to determine if you feel safe inside the model. If you find heavy blind spots or anything else that doesn’t sit well, it can be a reason not to buy the vehicle.
  • Comfort: You need to be comfortable while driving, and a test drive can help you ensure you are choosing a vehicle that provides the comforts and conveniences you need for a pleasant experience

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