How to Properly Inspect Your Exhaust System

If you notice your vehicle is not making as much power as it usually does and it is burning more fuel, you may want to check it for an exhaust leak. Another clear sign that you have an exhaust leak is you are feeling vibrations throughout your car and you can smell the exhaust.

Now that you have your suspicions of an exhaust leak, you want to make sure. One of the best ways to check for a leak is with a visual inspection. You are going to want to get under your vehicle and look for any obvious gaps or holes. Another great way to find an exhaust leak is by turning your engine on and watching for any gasses that are escaping from your tailpipe.

No matter if you are able to find the leak or not, you should bring your vehicle in to Courvelle Toyota for service. Our team will be able to perform a full multi-point inspection, making sure your vehicle is banging on all cylinders.



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