Make Driving a Treat With Toyota Corolla

If you love driving, you’ll crave time in your Corolla. Toyota’s highly-coveted, compact hatchback delivers a command performance on every Opelousas street. Two features make this vehicle especially fun to drive.

When you’re in the driver’s seat, you need to be able to meet the road at every turn. The Corolla’s optimized suspension keeps you in control by keeping the vehicle’s center of gravity low. Improved stability, enhanced responsiveness, and body roll reduction ensure you can handle life’s inevitable bumps and curves.

Off-road, the Corolla helps you handle the annoyance of forgetting your parking space by avoiding the problem entirely. Wearable connectivity can help reunite you with your treasured Toyota, operate its locks, and start the engine. Try voice or touch activating this system on your Apple or Android smartwatch at your Toyota test drive.



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