The New Toyota Corolla iM and its Impressive Safety Features

Why is it the new Toyota Corolla iM is again rated a popular hatchback? Safety features are just part of the reason.

When the all-new Toyota Corolla iM is shifted into reverse, this is when the rear view camera system is activated and giving you a clear look at everything behind your vehicle. The center console screen instantly transforms to the camera lens, giving you the chance to see anyone or anything behind your vehicle.

To help you stay alert on the road, your Toyota Corolla iM is equipped with sensors to monitor how you're driving on the road. If the Lane-Keeping System detects drifting from the lanes, you get a vibration to the steering wheel similar to driving over rumble strips. That should help you get control fast.

Don't wait until the new Toyota Corolla iM is sold out, come down to Courvelle Toyota and take one out for a test drive today.



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