Discover the Aerodynamic Toyota Avalon

If you're looking for a car that's designed to help you save fuel, take a look at the new Toyota Avalon. This popular full-sized sedan is built with performance in mind. It has a number of unique design features that reduce drag on the road.

When you take a look at the Avalon in person, you'll immediately notice its sleek body. The car has sloping curves throughout. There's also sculpted lines to guide air in the right direction while you're driving. The Avalon has tangential vents on the front-end as well. They redirect air to the side to ensure that air doesn't affect the wheels.

Toyota also offers a couple of additional exterior features. Drivers can get their Avalon with a rear spoiler, rear diffuser, and underbody panels. Not only do they help to reduce the drag coefficient even further, but they add plenty of style to the car.



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