Get the Toyota 86 Sports Car Experience

The 2018 Toyota 86 is the latest in a line of high-performance sports cars. It is available in a Black or GT model with a choice of manual or automatic transmission. The 2018 edition has advanced performance features including the Boxer Four engine. This remarkable power plant produces 200 HP in automatic transmission mode and 205 HP with a manual 6-speed transmission.

Opelousas drivers appreciate the intelligent transmission feature. It syncs the gear changes by controlling the engine rev rate to match the gear changes. When combined with the steering wheel mounted paddle gear shift, the driver has the freedom to create their driving experience.

At Courvelle Toyota, we invite you to come in and see the advanced performance features of the Toyota 86. You can take a test drive to try the handling and performance firsthand. Please come by today and enjoy the Toyota 86 sports car experience.

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