List of Popular Toyota Tacoma Safety Features

Still in the market for a new and popular midsize pickup truck? You might want to start looking at the safety features packed into the Toyota Tacoma!

One of the ways the Tacoma truck helps tired drivers stay safer is the implementation of the Lane Departure Alert system in the Toyota Tacoma. When the vehicle drifts over the lane lines, the system sends a signal to the steering wheel. Those vibrations alert the driver to take action. Once the driver controls the vehicle, the alerts stop and the scanning continues.

The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control helps keep the Toyota Tacoma driver and occupants safe at high speeds. Once the desired speed is selected, the radar scans ahead to make certain there is always enough space between your car and the one ahead. Slower moving cars will cause the system to brake slowly to maintain that safer cushion. The Toyota Tacoma is at Courvelle Toyota and available for a test drive.



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