Toyota 86 Interior Features That You'll Appreciate

The Toyota 86 has been compared to the Porsche 911 due to its style and interior features. The coupe is faster than many other sports cars in the same class, but it’s the technology that sets it apart. The seating in the 86 is comfortable and comes with impressive, high-quality upholstery. You can always upgrade these seats to suede and leather upholstery, as well as a leather-wrapped steering wheel. There are also a few different driver assistance features as well. These improve safety and give you a more intuitive driving experience.

Some of the standard features in the Toyota 86 includes Bluetooth, USB ports, eight-speaker stereo, voice commands, and a touch screen display. You can upgrade the technology in the 86 to include satellite radio, GPS navigation, and a larger touch screen as well. It’s the driver assistance system with blind spot monitoring and lane departure assist that will help you keep a safer experience while driving.

You can test drive the Toyota 86 when you visit Courvelle Toyota.



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