Toyota 4Runner Driving Modes

If you want a vehicle that's built to get through many different types of terrain, take a look at the 2018 Toyota 4Runner. This popular mid-sized SUV is available with multiple driving modes that can help you out in a sticky situation.

You can get the 4Runner with Multi-Terrain Select. A small rotary knob is built into the dash and can be used to switch through four different modes whenever you need to. The knob features graphics to help you decide which mode is best for your current situation. The different modes help to regulate the spin of the wheels and maximize traction. It does this by adjusting the throttle power and traction control settings in the wheels.

Want to learn more about the 2018 Toyota 4Runner? We invite you to swing by our showroom at Courvelle Toyota. We're committed to helping you find the perfect SUV. We'll even set you up to take the 4Runner for a test drive around Opelousas.



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