What Toyota Camry Safety Features Can do for Your Commute

Looking for a new midsize sedan that is packed with the most modern safety features in the automotive industry? The new Toyota Camry has everything and more that you would expect to keep you safe on the road!

Advanced Airbag System is a feature in the new Camry that shows just how far Toyota will go to keep drivers safe. In addition to front airbags for driver and passenger, there are a total of ten (10) airbags in strategic locations throughout the interior to keep everyone safe during an accident.

Part of the reason Toyota outshines the competition is because they keep advancing their technology to make driving safer. The Blind Spot Monitor technology will be able to recognize a driver in blind spot on either side of the car, and quickly give you an alert to take action. Visit Courvelle Toyota in Opelousas today and test drive the new Toyota Camry to see these features in action.

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