Keeping Your Car Safe

Tires are the most important part of your vehicles up keep and maintenance. Although they are often overlooked, it is extremely important to be aware of the condition of your tires and replace them before the tread wear gets to dangerous levels.

In reality, the portion of your tire that actually makes contact with the road is about the size of your hand (width wise). Eye opening, right? That narrow section is what allows your car to safely make it to the destination. It also allows your car to have proper traction and to stay on the road while maneuvering your vehicle around turns and curves.

A few simple maintenance things that anyone can perform include:

Air pressure: air pressure can be checked with a tire gauge. You can buy these from any automotive store for under $15.00. Check your owner’s manual to see what your air pressure reading should be.

Condition of thread: this is a simple check that is done by just looking over your tires. Check to make sure the tread is wearing evenly and no metal wires are sticking through.

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