How Did Horsepower Become a Household Term In the Automobile Industry?

Do you know where the term “horsepower” came from, or how much horsepower your own vehicle has? You may have seen countless commercials raving about a car’s improvements on having more horsepower. But what about the word’s origins?

You can thank James Watt, a Scottish physicist and engineer. After the invention of the steam engine by Thomas Savery in 1698, scientists began to look for ways to improve on it’s original design. In 1781, Watt became the inventor of a steam engine that could produce continuous movement of pistons. To measure the power of the engine, he studied the force that it would take for a horse to operate a rotating wheel. Henceforth, the term “horsepower” was born.

In our age of modern technology, innovators like James Watt can get lost in the crowd of other great pioneers of automation. At Courvelle Toyota HappyTown USA in Opelousas, LA we honor the achievements of them all, and welcome you to stop by to learn more about automobile history, and our selection of Toyota vehicles!

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