Keep That Gas Tank Full in Your Toyota This Winter

Here at Courvelle Toyota "Happy Town" USA, we have a helpful tip to share with our beloved customers, so you can avoid unwanted service issues this winter season.

It is very important to keep your gas tank on the full side so that you never run out and get stranded when the weather is cold. This much is obvious. But, it is also very important to keep it full in the winter months so that you don't end up with frozen fuel lines and a vehicle that refuses to start!

When you have an empty gas tank or mostly empty, there is room for plenty of air to get in it, and if there is air there will also be condensation. Condensation can then freeze your fuel lines, and that spells trouble for your cherished Toyota car, SUV or truck.

Come see us here at Courvelle Toyota "Happy Town" USA so that we can get your vehicle ready for the winter season. We will make sure that your tires are properly inflated since the changing weather conditions can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Dramatic changes in temperature can cause tires to lose air in addition. Stay safe out there this winter, and book your service appointment with us today.

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