Importance Of Oil Changes - Courvelle Toyota In Lafayette, LA

Oil is an essential part of any vehicle, as it keeps your engine lubricated, cool, and healthy. Regularly changing your oil as determined by your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule will promote longevity and take no time off your hands. Oil changes are quick and easy at Courvelle Toyota and our service department is open from 7:30 AM until noon on Saturdays.


The many moving parts inside your engine are constantly working to keep your car running, and lubrication from oil prevents wear and tear that would otherwise result from the intense work done by the pistons, valves, rings, and rods. Fill your oil up to the volume recommended by the manufacturer and ensure you are using the proper weight and grade.

No More Sludge

Oil "sludge" materializes when oil is left for too long in the engine and begins to break down and congeal into a hard-to-remove, unhealthy substance. Dirt particles make their way into the oil over time and corrode the inner parts of your engine. Regular oil changes will help maintain a healthy level of cleanliness.

Cool Down

The friction generated by all the moving parts in an engine heats everything up. Oil helps mitigate that energy and prevents your engine from overheating.

Longer Lifespan

Engine components need to work harder when they aren't cool and lubricated from proper oil changes. Over the years, this will negatively impact fuel efficiency and the value of your car. If you want to do the easiest thing to ensure your vehicle's long-term quality, schedule regular oil changes at Courvelle Toyota.

Quick and Easy

Oil changes are routine service jobs which don't cost much and won't take up too much of your time. Expert technicians at Courvelle Toyota know all there is to know about Toyota vehicles and promise to maintain the best possible oil levels in your car's engine.

When it comes time for service, come to Courvelle Toyota. Our trained experts will help you make sure your vehicle runs stronger for much longer. 


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